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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. What is the difference between the free ACam Live Video Lite and the paid ACam Live Video?

A. ACam Live Video Lite works within your home WiFi network only.  The paid ACam Live Video works with external network (3G/or WiFi), so you can view your home webcam anywhere on the road.

Q. What kind of video quality would I get from ACam Live Video?

A. The video quality depends on many factors, including your webcam driver, computer CPU, network bandwidth.  Under most circumstances, you will get reasonably smooth video feed on your mobile device.  However, don't expect anything close to HD DVD ;-)

ACam Live Video also has build-in control to let you adjust video frame rate, in case your network bandwidth is not sufficient to carry high frame rate.

Q. Does ACam Live Video support multiple webcams?

A. Yes.  If you have multiple compatible webcams connected to your host computer, ACam Live Video allows you to select on your mobile device which one to view.

Q. I am getting occasional "re-connect" message.  What should I do?

A. You will get "re-connect" when your network drops the connection. Try reducing the frame rate from the ACam Live Video app on mobile device.

Q. Does ACam Live Video support Audio?

A. Yes, both Windows and Mac version supports audio.  Please note that depending on the network bandwidth (for 3G/Edge), you might want to disable audio to reduce the network traffic load.  Otherwise, you might get choppy video and/or discontinued audio.

Q. Does ACam Live Video support Windows Vista/XP/Windows 7?

A. Yes.  ACam Live Video works with both 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows OS.

Q. Does ACam Live Video support connection using non-shared Wi-Fi or 3G networks?

A. ACam Live Video Lite does not support external connection.  The full version of ACam Live Video does.  In most cases your home network has a DSL/Cable router that is responsible for routing the network traffics in and out of your home network.  In order for your webcam data to be viewable outside your home network, you will need to configure your router to do port forwarding on TCP 1726

ACam Live Video can configure port forwarding for you automatically if your router supports uPNP.  To configure port forwarding, click "Options" button of ACam Live Video for Windows/Mac, select "Remote Access"->"Port Forwarding", and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please click here for more information.

Q. My IP provided by my Internet service provider changes frequently.  Does ACam Live Video support dynamic IP?

A. Yes.  ACam Live Video can automatically find your current IP address. 

You will need to specify an email and password on your host computer, and then enter the same email and password into the Remote Access Information section on ACam Live Video on your mobile device.  A matching email/password tells ACam Live Video which host to connect, and you will be presented with an Automatic Remote Connection option.  Tap on this option to connect without specifying your router's IP address.

Q. Why can't I get the audio from ACam Live Video?

A. If you are using a Mac computer, make sure your microphone is selected from Apple Menu->System Preferences->Sound.

If you are using Windows, go to Control Panel and select Sound properties.  Turn up the volume of your microphone input.

Q. I am getting lags on Edge/3G networks.  What can I do?

A. You might not have enough network bandwidth to carry the data traffic.  You can 1) disable audio by selecting Menu->Disable Audio when ACam Live Video starts on your mobile device.  You can also reduce the frame rate of ACam Live Video directly from your mobile device.

Q. I have two webcams on different computers at home, and how do I connect to them remotely?

A. Normally, when you configure port-forwarding for ACam Live Video, you can only forward the port to a single computer in your home.  For multiple computers, you can use different port number to differentiate them.

For instance, Let's say you have two computers with IP and, both running ACam Live Video.  Connecting from your local network is not a problem.  To connect remotely, you will need to configure port-forwarding on your router accordingly, for instance: uses internal port 1726; external port 1726 uses internal port 1726; external port 17260

Then, on your mobile device, connect using Manual Connection option by specifying both your public IP and port:



Q. I would like to suggest a feature to ACam Live Video,  Where should I send my suggestions to?

A. Please post your suggestions to our support forum, or email us at  We appreciate your feedback!

Q. How do I completely remove ACam Live Video from my computer?

A. On Windows, run the "Uninstall" program from the start menu's ACam Live Video folder.  On Mac, download and run the uninstall script for Mac.

Q. How do I remove the IP Cam driver from ACam Live Video on my mac?

A. Some times the IP Cam driver causes interference to other applications on mac.  You can remove the driver by clicking "Add IP Cam" -> "Driver ..." -> "Uninstall Driver" from ACam Live Video on mac.  Please reboot the mac afterwards.



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