Air TV (Mono or Color)

Compatible TV Tuner Cards

Air TV works with most TV tuner cards in the market that support analog broadcast.  For digital tuners, only ATSC (North America broadcast) tuners are supported.  We are currently working on extending support to other broadcasting standards.

The best way to ensure that your tuner card is supported by Air TV is to simply try it.  Download the FREE Air TV for Windows software from the link on this page and download the FREE Air TV Mono from iTunes Apps Store.  Typically, if you see the preview video from the Air TV for Windows software, then your tuner card is supported.

If you are having trouble getting your tuner card to work correctly, please email us ( with the make/model of your card.  We will maintain a list of tuner cards that do not work somehow with Air TV on this page.  Also, your feedback will help us extending the support to your tuners in future updates.


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