i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the hardware/software requirement to use i-Clickr?

A.  You will need the following
  • An iOS device with i-Clickr installed. You can purchase it from the device's app store.
  • A Windows PC/Mac with i-Clickr installed.  You can download it at this website for free.
  • Wireless capability on the Windows PC/Mac.


Q.  Which version of PowerPoint does i-Clickr support?

A.  i-Clickr supports all PowerPoint version from Office XP to the latest Office 2010 on Windows.  Please note that you will need PowerPoint installed on your host PC in order to run your presentation.  The i-Clickr software does not substitute the normal PowerPoint software.


Q. Will i-Clickr work with PowerPoint on Mac computers?

A. Yes, i-Clickr now supports Office Mac 2004 running on Mac OS X 10.7 and above.  Simply download the free Mac OS X program on our website to get started.


Q. I am having problem connecting the iOS device to my PC. i-Clickr on my iOS device sees the PC, but when I try to connect to it, the iOS device displays the message "Unable to connect to ..." How do I make the connection work?

A. This means there is a firewall blocking your i-Clickr connection. Make sure your firewall allows TCP port 1725. If you are using Windows build-in firewall, please refer to this article on how to do this:

If you are using a 3rd party firewall software, please consult your firewall manual.

If you are running i-Clickr on a Windows system under VMWare/Parallel on a Mac, change your network setting from "NAT" to "Bridged".  Otherwise, your iOS device won't be able to see your Windows system from the network.

If you are using Windows 7, click here on how to configure Windows Firewall for ad hoc connections.


Q. I am going to use i-Clickr when visiting a client.  Since I might not have access to their Wi-Fi networks, can I still use i-Clickr without a shared Wi-Fi connection?

A. Yes. If you are using Windows 7 or above, the newest version of i-Clickr for Windows now creates a virtual router for you, so you can simply go to the Wi-Fi settings from your iOS device and connect to it directly.

 For other OS, you can set up  i-Clickr to use a direct (ad hoc) wireless connection between your laptop and your device.  This page shows you how to do that in detail:


Q. I am getting "Cannot set adapter to normal mode" when using Direct Connection".

If you are getting the error "Cannot set adapter to normal mode" when starting "Direct Connection", this means your wireless adapter is not compatible with the auto-setup that i-Clickr is trying to do (more technically, i-Clickr is using Windows Wireless Zero Configuration, but your wireless adapter manufacturer doesn't support it in its driver program).

In this case, you will have to manually set up an ad hoc network. Please use the following instructions:

Vista or above: http://www.senstic.com/iphone/iClickr/adhoc_win_manual_Vista.aspx
XP: http://www.senstic.com/iphone/iClickr/adhoc_win_manual_xp.aspx


Q. I am getting "Unable to load slide." error on i-Clickr for Windows when it tries to open a presentation file.

This is due to your Microsoft Office not installed correctly.  See here.


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