Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is the difference between the free PocketCam Lite and the paid version of PocketCam?

A. PocketCam Lite supports black-and-white video only.  Also, PocketCam Lite does not transmit audio.

Q. PocketCam on my iPhone does not connect to the computer.

A. First, make sure PocketControl is started on the computer.  Then, check the connection message on your iPhone.  If it says "Searching for PocketCam server," it means the PocketCam app on the iPhone can't find your computer.  Make sure:

1. Your iPhone is put onto the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. 

2.  Windows users, also make usre you have downloaded and installed Bonjour for Windows.  Then, go to Control Panel->Admin Tools->Services.  Make sure Bonjour Service is in "started" status.  If not, right-click the service, and start it.

3. Windows users, please start PocketControl and make sure SensticPocketService is in "running" status.  If not, start it.

If it says "Unable to connect ...", please check your computer firewall and make sure it does not block TCP port 1782.  You should add the program PocketControl to your firewall exception list.  Please check the screenshots on the support page for Windows or Mac.

Q. PocketCam can connect to my computer, but how do I get the video to work with XXXX applications?

A. You will need to set the webcam to PocketCam from the XXXX application's preference menu.  Please check the support page for configuring common applications such as MSN and Skype.

Q. How to I change or remove the "PocketCam from iPhone" logo on the video?

A.  If you are using the paid version of PocketCam, tap on the "i" icon on the iPhone app to access the Options menu.  Change the Text Overlay setting.

Q. Can I use PocketCam with multiple computers on my home network?

A.  Yes.  You can instruct PocketCam on iPhone to connect to different computers.  Make sure you have downloaded and installed PocketControl software on your computers.   Tap  on the "i" icon on the iPhone app to access the Options menu, then Select PocketCam Server.

Q. On mac, PocketCam seems to block build-in camera when using application like MSN. How do I temporarly remove it?

A.  The current version of MSN seems to only use the first camera it finds, and it does not allow you to change the camera.  If PocketCam blocks your build-in camera (or any other video device), you can remove it for now, and add it back when you need it again.  To do so, start PocketControl on mac, and select "Settings"->"Driver Settings ...".  Remove the video driver from there.  You can go to the same setting screen to add the video driver back.  Be sure to reboot the mac for the setting to take effect.












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