Slide Recorder

Slide Recorder is a handy tool that helps you record presentation slides and audio of your everyday meetings.

You can take the app to a conference or meeting, and record the presentation’s slides using the device’ camera and audio using the device’s microphone. Even if you are not sitting directly in front of the projection screen, you can still capture the full slides thanks to the app’s built-in image processing engine.

The app will even combine the captured slides with the audio to make a video for you. You can also share the recorded slides and notes using the app’s PDF file generator.


  • Auto-perspective adjustment of captured slides.
  •  Audio capture.
  •  Combine slides and audio into a movie.
  •  Magic-fix of captured slides.
  • Add notes to each captured slides.
  • Generate PDF file of the slides.
  • Share the slides with Email and AirPrint.