IP Cam Pro for Mac OS X


IP Cam Pro turns your mac into a IP surveillance camera. Run IP Cam Pro on your mac, and via Wi-Fi network, you can view live images captured by your mac's built in FaceTime camera (or any mac compatible USB/Firewire camera) on web browser from any computer. You can even view IP Cam using Safari browser from another mobile device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

IP Cam Pro also supports audio capture, so you can remotely listen to the audio captured by mac's microphone while viewing live camera.

Comparing to regular IP Cam,  IP Cam Pro adds motion detection and remote recording function.  IP Cam Pro can be set up to automatically sends moition-triggered email and start motion triggered recording.  You can also remotely view previously recorded video from another computer or iOS device.


  1. Live video and audio capture from mac.
  2. View from web browsers on any operating systems (without audio).
  3. View from Safari browser to get both audio and video.
  4. View from iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad using the Safari browser.
  5. Support Wi-Fi networks.
  6. Multi-Color Mode: Black and White, High Contrast and Night Vision.
  7. Motion-triggered email and automatic recording.
  8. Remote recording and remote viewing of recorded videos.
  9. Quick access from mac’s status icons.


  1. Start IP Cam Pro on your mac.
  2. Take a note on the HTTP access address shown by IP Cam Pro.
  3. For Wi-Fi remote viewing, enter the same HTTP address into the web browser from another computer or iOS device on the same Wi-Fi network.

This software uses libraries from the FFMpeg project under the LGPLv2.1.  Click here for detail.