Presentation Recorder


Presentation Recorder helps you record your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation live as it happens. The app quietly runs on your mac’s status bar. When you start a presentation, the app will automatically start and capture your presentation’s slide advances, webcam video, and your presentation talk into a neat QuickTime movie. You can then review your recorded presentation movie at a later time, or export it for those who couldn’t make to your presentation.

For educators, the Presentation Recorder app gives you a portable solution of E-Learning needs. You no longer need those bulky/expensive camera and audio capture devices in order to record your lectures. Simply use the same mac that you use for presentation slides, and let Presentation Recorder does it for you.


  1. No disruption to your normal presentation workflow. The app simply records at the background whenever your presentation starts.
  2. Record your slide advance and animations, live as it happens.
  3. Optionally record video from your mac’ built-in webcam or any other external webcam.
  4. Capture your presentation audio as you speak to your audience.
  5. Works with Keynote 09, PowerPoint 2008 and 2011.
  6. Integrated with mac’s Login Items to start automatically when the user logs on to the mac.
  7. Integrated with Mac OS X’s Notification Center.