Windows Live Messenger Translator

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Download and run the setup MSI file.  Then open your Windows Live Messenger, and from the menu bar (kind of hidden) select Tools->Options.

In the Options window, select Add-ins and click Add to Messenger. 

Browse to the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Senstic\Microsoft Live Messenger Translator Add-In\) and select TranslatorAddin.Addin.dll.

How to Use

From the Tools->Options->Add-ins, click the Settings button to bring up the Translator Options. 

You have choices to translate outgoing chat messages, incoming chat message, or both.  Click the corresponding checkbox and select the language pair to invoke the translation.  Click OK to save the setting.

Now you have to turn on the Translator.  At the main window of Microsoft Live Messenger, click your status button and check Turn on TranslatorAddin.Addin.dll to turn it on, and enjoy.  When you are through (or fed up with funny translations ;-), you can turn it off at the same menu.


Limitation (Actually a Feature)

Both you and your chatting partner will see the original text along with translated text, so there won't be any misunderstanding due to questionable translations.




OS: Windows XP/Vista