Private Tracker Pro


Please follow the instructions here to install Private Tracker Pro.

Private Tracker Pro contains two pieces. One piece is called Desktop Control that runs on your desktop or laptop PC.  The other piece is a hidden program that runs on your mobile device (PDA or Smartphone).

Installation contains 5 steps as follows:

  1. Install Private Tracker Pro Desktop Control
  2. Connect the device with ActiveSync
  3. Install SDK Certificate
  4. Install Hidden Tracking Program to Device
  5. Test Installation

Step 1. Install Private Tracker Pro Desktop Control

After you download the Private Tracker Pro installer to your PC, double-click to run it and follow the onscreen instruction. This will install Private Tracker Pro Desktop Control onto your PC.

Step 2. Connect the device with ActiveSync

Connect your mobile device (PDA or Smartphone) to your PC using ActiveSync.  ActiveSync is a Microsoft software that provides synchronization between mobile device and PC.  ActiveSync should come with the software CD when you purchased your device.  If you have not installed it or cannot find the CD, you can download it for free from Microsoft.

Step 3. Install SDK Certificate

Because Private Tracker Pro is meant to run discretely on the mobile device, you need to install the Microsoft SDK certificate onto the device.  First, open ActiveSync and click the Explore button.


This will open the Mobile Device folder.

Then, locate the SDK certificate file, from the Private Tracker Pro installation folder, and drag-and-drop it to the Mobile Device folder.

ActiveSync will prompt for file conversion.  Click OK.

Now locate the certificate file using File Explorer from the mobile device. 

Click it to install the certificate.  You might receive a warning during the installation process.  Press Accept/OK to continue until the certificate is successfully installed.


NOTE: If you are having problems installing the certificate, please click here for further instructions.

Step 4. Install Hidden Tracking Program to Device

Make sure your device is connected with ActiveSync. Start Private Track Pro - Desktop Control from your PC.  Click Install from the Device Control panel to install the hidden tracking program.


Step 5. Test Installation

Once the hidden tracking program has been successfully installed from Desktop Control, wait for a minute for it to obtain the first location.  Then, click Refresh from the Device Control panel to display the location.  Click on the location list will show the location on Google Map.


This completes the installation of Private Track Pro.  Please visit the support page to view detailed product documentation, including how to uninstall the program from the device and PC.


OS: Windows Mobile

Activation Key (Single User):