Private Tracker Pro

Private Tracker Pro is a mobile tracking tool that runs on Windows Mobile-based PDAs and Smartphones. Private Tracker Pro tracks the user's current location and logs the locations that the user has visited into a hidden log file. Best of all, Private Tracker Pro runs in a discrete manner, and the user is not aware that his or her whereabouts are tracked.


  • Location tracking without need of GPS.
  • 99% indoor availability and 10-20m accuracy.
  • Runs discretely and continuously.
  • No user interaction needed.
  • Configurable log duration and frequency.
  • Location display using Google Maps.
  • Export the location result to CSV for Excel.
  • Works with all Windows Mobile-based PDAs and Smartphones.


Private Tracker Pro can be used to:

  • Parental control of children's whereabouts after school.
  • Employer overseeing employees' on-job travel.
  • As a general tracking tool that logs travel history.


Private Tracker Pro works with most Windows Moblie-based handsets with WiFi. If you encounter a problem running it on your device, please contact us, and we will be happy to work with you on your issues.


Private Tracker Pro uses Skyhook Wireless's state-of-art WiFi-based technique with a coverage area of 2,800 cities and towns worldwide, and 70% of the US, Australian, and Canadian populations. Click here to view the coverage map.


OS: Windows Mobile

Activation Key (Single User):