Timed SMS Scheduler


The trial version of Timed SMS Scheduler is fully functional except that it will only schedule messages within 1 hour.  If you would like to schedule your SMS to be sent at any time of your choice, or to make a recurrent schedule, please purchase a registration key.  Purchasing an activation code will also allow you to enjoy premium technical support as well as free minor program updates in the future.

Activation is easy.  Simply enter your email address below and purchase the code through secure Google Checkout.  Google Checkout accepts all major credit cards.

After we approve your purchase, we will email you your activation code.


Activate Timed SMS Scheduler for $12.99 $9.99
Enter Email Address:


After you receive your activation code, open Timed SMS and click the Menu->Register.  Enter your email address and your activation code to activate your copy of Timed SMS.

If you have any question with the activation process, please contact us at support@senstic.com.


OS: Windows Mobile

Activation Key (Single User):