i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote

Use your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 based mobile phone or PDA as your PowerPoint remote clicker!

View your slide notes right on your handset as you present!

Click your way through your next slideshow in style!.

Never again running out of time during your presentation!

With i-Clickr, you can control your presentation directly from your phone using the build-in Bluetooth, WiFi or even wireless ad-hoc networks.  Even better, i-Clickr helps you precisely manage your presentation time. 


  • Complete control of your PowerPoint slides including animations.
  • Help you track your presentation time.
  • Alert you with silent buzz before your time runs out.
  • View your slides and your slide notes on your handset.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Flexible connectivity options: Bluetooth, WiFi or Ad Hoc Networks .
  • Support all Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 handsets, including Pocket PC and Smartphones.
  • Support all versions of PowerPoint from Office XP to the latest PowerPoint 2010 on Windows.
  • Support OpenOffice on Windows.
  • Support Office Mac 2004 and above on Mac OS X 10.5+.


Mobile Handset

  • Windows Mobile 5 and 6-based phones with Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 installed.

Host Windows PC:

  • Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Office XP through Office 2007) installed.
  • Also support OpenOffice 3.1 or above.

Host Mac:

  • Mac OS X Leopard (older OS X might also work) or above.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 (Office Mac 2004) or above.

OS: Windows Mobile
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

OS: Mac OS 10.5+
Activation Key (Single User):