i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote


How to Establish Connection

i-Clickr works by establishing connection, via Wi-Fi, between your host computer or laptop from which your presentation will run, and your Windows phone that will serve as your remote clicker.  To establish connection, do the following:

1. Make sure your host computer or laptop is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Windows phone.  If your both computer and Windows phone have Bluetooth, i-Clickr can also make connection via Bluetooth.

If you don't have a shared Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth available, please use the following instructions on how to establish an ad hoc (direct) wireless connection:


2. Start i-Clickr on your host computer.  If you do not have i-Clickr on your host computer (Windows or Mac), download it from


3. Start i-Clickr on your Windows phone.  Select one of the connection methods that you want to use with your computer: Wi-Fi (Bonjour), Wi-Fi (IP Address), or Bluetooth.

How to Navigate Your Slides

Once the connection is made, select your PowerPoint presentation on the host computer, and set the presentation alarm on your Windows phone to start your presentation. 

Use the phone's navigation keys to go forwards and backwards on the slides.
To switch between slide view and notes view, tab on the "switch" button in the middle.

How to Resolve Connection Issues

If you have problem making i-Clickr on your Windows phone connect to your PC/Mac (for instance, you cannot see the Bonjour connection, or you are getting "Unable to connect" message), please check the following:

1.  Make sure i-Clickr is running on your host PC/Mac

2.  If you are using a shared Wi-Fi connection, make sure your Windows phone and PC/Mac are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

3.  If you are using ad-hoc network, make sure to follow the instructions at http://www.senstic.com/products/iClickr/adhoc.aspx, and ensure your ad-hoc network is in the "Connected" status.

4. Make sure your Windows/Mac firewall allow i-Clickr program to go through.  i-Clickr uses TCP port 1725.


Other questions with regard to this product can be addressed via our online support forum.

You can also Email us at support@senstic.com.


OS: Windows Mobile
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
OS: Mac OS 10.5+
Activation Key (Single User):